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Staying in a pet-friendly vacation rental in Gatlinburg is a joy for every dog lover. Bringing your four-legged friend along means no more worries about leaving them behind or finding a trustworthy pet sitter. Many of our Gatlinburg rentals are located near pet-friendly trails and parks, providing plenty of opportunities for your dog to explore the great outdoors, and you to enjoy the scenic beauty of Gatlinburg together. Inside, these accommodations offer ample space and comfort for both humans and pets alike, often including special amenities such as fenced yards or pet beds. Not only do these pet-friendly rentals ensure your vacation is free of pet-related stress, but they also offer the unique joy of experiencing Gatlinburg's unforgettable charm with your furry companion by your side. 

Our dog friendly Gatlinburg cabins allow dogs up to 30lbs, and the charge is $75 per dog.