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Your Family is Our Company.

Since 1972 Mountain Laurel Chalets has served as the premier Gatlinburg cabin rental company. Nestled next to the entrance of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, our reputation is one of service, friendliness, family and giving back to the community.

We are founded on three core values.  These values guide every decision we make and shape our unique culture to be unlike any other rental company in Gatlinburg.

We Believe...

  • Family Matters
  • In Exceeding Expectations
  • We are Generous Stewards

Come experience the Mountain Laurel Chalets difference and be confident that when you book a vacation with us or trust us with your home, we will treat it as if it were our own.

Mountain Laurel Chalets Story

Take a look back with Mountain Laurel Chalets and remember Gatlinburg, Tennessee as it was when tourism to the community began to grow.  1972.  Gatlinburg was a sleepy town of 1500 and comprised mostly of motels which were occupied in summer and fall seasons.  OberGatlinburg was just built and tourists were beginning to visit Gatlinburg year round.

Dot and Ralph Egli moved in Gatlinburg in 1953 and built their home and started to build their family.  They were engaged on Mt LeConte and often hiked and explored the National Park every weekend.  Ralph was an engineer turned general contractor and Dot was an educator.  As the first Kindergarten teacher in Gatlinburg, Dot taught most of the current community leaders how to read!  They raised three children on Wiley Oakley Road and looked after vacation homes of those who saw the beauty of Gatlinburg and the National Park before it was a national destination. As the homeowners lived other places throughout the year, they would give their house keys to the Eglis to look after their homes.

When the motels would fill up and guests would arrive with no reservations, the owners of The Gatlinburg Inn and Mountain View Lodge would call the Eglis to see if they had any spare beds.  The kids would shuffle around and before you knew it, the heart of hosptality grew into a family business.  Those keys given to Dot and Ralph became some of the first rental homes in the area.  And who wouldn't want to rent a three bedroom house for $24 a night?  

Dot and Ralph launched into a new career of hospitality which was right in line with their DNA of hardwork and caring for people.  And 48 years later, the business is still thriving and known as the rental company you can trust.

The rental industry has changed significantly in the last 10 years with over building and impersonal service.  Mountain Laurel retains that high touch experience with a family you can trust.  That's important on your vacation.  There are too many opportunities for things to go wrong in a house.  We are here to help and make sure that your vacation is one you will repeat year after year, and generation after generation.