Posted on 3/20/2020


Downtown Gatlinburg is home to some of the most exciting and interactive attractions. There is so much to see while strolling down the parkway that even with just a blink of an eye you could miss something interesting.

Tucked away on the parkway is a little piece of old European culture. This quaint little shopping area will give you a taste of what shopping in an old village really feels like. The Village holds a variety of shops and eateries that are etched into the most beautifully and carefully crafted architecture. It’s the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the parkway and enjoy the peaceful environment that it has to offer. The brick pathways, bubbly fountain and beautiful landscape invite you in with a warm welcome where a bench can be your place of rest.

What makes The Village so special is the story behind how it came to be. It all started in 1965 when two families purchased the property. For inspiration for the property, the family traveled around the world to study a variety of architecture. They compiled three years of pictures and hundreds of ideas until they decided on an old European village atmosphere. To stay true to the European style and culture, the families began searching for appropriate materials that would make the village more authentic. Construction began in 1968 and completed in 1970. Most of The Village is made of materials from old houses, churches and buildings that were being demolished and held unique features that could be used for construction.

All the hard work and planning paid off with results like any other. The heavy carved doors, antique trim moldings and brick pathways give off a certain feeling of shopping in the Old World. Although the tasteful architecture attracts the crowd, the 27 local shops are what really makes The Village come alive. Alewine Pottery is a great way to see potters at work. Everything in the store, such as mugs and bowls, are made right there where you can watch it be made and take it home with you. For those who are planning to hike the Great Smoky Mountains can stop by The Day Hiker to pick up everything a hiker needs to conquer the trails. Here they offer, hiking staffs, water carriers, navigation aids and other necessities for a successful hike. The Donut Friar is the best place to stop for a snack. Their freshly made donuts are the best in town!

The Village is a great place to explore and appreciate all the beauty and originality that it was meant to hold. It truly is a shopping experience like no other.