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1 Aug 2022
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Whether it’s a mother, a pastor, a teacher or a friend- everyone has a hero.  Many are behind the scenes, doing the thankless work that keeps our communities going.  They are sacrificing their time and talents for the betterment of others and the world around them.  Heroes like this are the backbone of our communities.    

Mountain Laurel Chalets is proudly sponsoring a new campaign called Hometown Heros.This allows us the opportunity to recognize those from all across the country that truly embody Mountain Laurel's core values.  

Here at Mountain Laurel, we believe: 

  • Family Matters 

  • In Exceeding Expectations

  • We are Generous Stewards 

Each of our heroes is nominated by someone who sees the way they love and serve others day in and day out.  Winners are selected by our team and awarded a complimentary three night stay at one of our beautiful chalets.  They will receive a true hero's welcome with many exciting giveaways and opportunities for unique activities only Gatlinburg can offer.  

Kyle Kilby of Walton, Kentucky is a father of four children, the youngest of which has special needs. He works three jobs as a first responder but makes sure he is always there for his family. He demonstrates all three of Mountain Laurel Chalets core values in his everyday life as a father and a first responder.

Kyle has demonstrated being a generous steward by organizing classes for other first responders to be trained on how to properly interact with children that have special needs in emergency scenarios.  Through this initiative, he has been able to open up doors that allow other first responders to better understand and provide better care for those that are differently abled in the midst of an emergency.

His dedication to continually love and be there for his daughter and family while working three jobs shows that he also upholds our core value that family matters. Kyle’s ability to care for his family while also caring for the community by helping them to understand how to better interact with others who have special needs exceeds expectations

Join us in congratulating our second hometown hero, Kyle Kilby!