Posted on 7/31/2022


Everyone has a hero. Many heroes are found working behind the scenes, doing the thankless work that keeps our communities going. Whether it be a mother, pastor, teacher, service member, or friend, a hero sacrifices time and talents for the betterment of those around him or her. People like this are the backbones of society.

Mountain Laurel Chalets is proudly sponsoring a new campaign called “Hometown Heroes.” This program allows us the opportunity to recognize heroes from all across the country that embody MLC’s core values.

At Mountain Laurel Chalets, we believe that family matters. We acknowledge and value the families of both our clients and our employees, and we are committed to treating our customers like family. We also believe in exceeding expectations, because in doing so we honor our customers. Lastly, we believe in being generous stewards. Whether we are stewarding your finances as you entrust your vacation to us or your home as your trusted management company, we want to care for your investments like they are our own, and to always err on the side of generosity.

Each of our hometown heroes embodies our core values and is nominated by someone who sees the way they love and serve others each day. Selected by our team, winners are awarded a complimentary three-night stay at one of our beautiful chalets. He or she will receive a true hero's welcome along with exciting giveaways and opportunities for unique activities only Gatlinburg can offer.

Please join us as we take a look at our first hero, Mr. Brian Harris. Mr. Harris is the choir director at Meigs County High School in Meigs County, Tennessee. According to his nominator, he always goes above and beyond in serving the students in his class. Whether he is helping them discover their talents and interests or encouraging them to pursue their heart's desires whether or not it might go against the grain, Mr. Harris is an advocate for every student that he teaches. He has been a light for all the students in his classroom, to be sure, but one in particular holds him in the highest regard. 

When this student felt like he was alone and did not feel supported by others, Mr. Harris was there to love, encourage, and help him blossom as he pursued singing, acting, movies, and video games. Mr. Harris taught this student that no matter what a person's gift is, there is a great big world out there where everyone’s gifts are needed. Because Mr. Harris poured into this student, he is now going to attend Carson Newman University to become a music educator. Mr. Harris’s dedication to his students inspired this student to do the same for others!

Mr. Harris gives his all to his students, and he never complains. He exceeds the expectations for educators and pushes his students to be the best versions of themselves they can be. His willingness to always offer a smile and be available for students who feel alone or underappreciated embodies Mountain Laurel's core value of being a generous steward. 

Join us in congratulating our newest hometown hero, Brian Harris!