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19 Mar 2020
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You’ve planned your vacation, made your cabin reservation in Gatlinburg, packed the luggage and the kids are in the car.  GPS or Siri is telling you every turn to make  to get you to the Smokies and tells you that you will arrive in 30 minutes.  You can’t wait to get out of the car and check out your rental.  Then the unthinkable happens… you find your self in bumper to bumper traffic along with hundreds of other people who desire the same thing.  None of you will be there when Siri said you would be, none of you are going anywhere, you are all stuck in a sea of vehicles inching along at a snails pace.

If you’ve ever been to Gatlinburg or Sevier County during a peak time of year you know what to be prepared for and hopefully have discovered some tricks to get you moving towards your long awaited destination with your sanity still intact.  If you’ve never come here before or have not found those alternate routes this blog post is for you!

The most popular exit off Interstate 40, is exit #407.  This one takes you onto Hwy 66 through the a largely undeveloped area and then joins up with Hwy 441 to take you all the way through the towns of Sevierville, Pigeon Forge and then finally Gatlinburg.  This is the most direct,yet most congested route.  If you should find yourself on it you might try to get onto Veteran’s Boulevard in Pigeon Forge and that secondary road will help you through some of the stop and go traffic found on the main parkway.

If you are coming to us from Virginia using I-81 or coming up from the southeast off I-26, you will need to get onto 1-40 towards Asheville, NC and take exit 440 and follow the signs for Hwy 321.  This is a 2 lane scenic route, but you will avoid all the stop and go traffic.  It will bring you into Gatlinburg at Traffic light #3 where you would take a left on Hwy 441 and proceed to Light #10 and turn right onto Ski Mountain Road to get to us.

If you are coming up from I – 75 you can take exit 81, Lenoir City, TN and follow Hwy 321 towards Maryville, then Townsend.  Once in Townsend you have a choice to either continue using Hwy 321 which will bring you out at traffic light #3 in Pigeon Forge or going straight through Townsend until the road makes a “Y” and you would turn left and follow Hwy 73 ( or Little River Road) to Gatlinburg.  This last section is 18 miles through the National Park, so the road is two lane and curvy, but wonderfully scenic.  Following this route you will end up by the Sugarlands Welcome Center and you will turn left onto Hwy 441 and follow it for about 2 miles to Traffic light #10 ( the first light you come to) and turn left onto Ski Mountain Road.

No matter which route you choose, it will be worth the drive!