Posted on 12/15/2023


There's nothing quite like the peace of winter in the Smokies. A blanket of white tops the mountain peaks. Streams of smoke rise from chimneys. Frosted windows give glimpses into the warm interiors of shops and restaurants, and rosy cheeks of passersby remind those braving the plummeting temps outside to button their coats up a little tighter.  Coffee, tea, and soup are on the brain, and nothing feels better than curling up under a warm blanket with no agenda and nowhere to be.


We live in a world that operates at warp speed. There's always room to do more, work faster, and make the most of each hour in the day. Our culture thrives on productivity. However, if we're not careful and measured in our approach to a balanced life, we can end up gaining the whole world but lacking the most important thing: peace.

At Mountain Laurel Chalets, we believe in working hard. We pursue excellence in all areas, and we aim to serve our guests tirelessly as they enjoy time in away in our properties. We also believe, though, in the importance of carving out time for family, fun, and rest, because it's the lasting things in life like relationships and recalibrating that ultimately bring us peace. We're so thankful we have the beauty of winter in the Smokies to remind us to pursue peace.

As our extended Mountain Laurel Chalets family approaches Christmas, our hope and prayer is that we all experience the peace that is available to each and every one of us in this season, and always. No matter our stories, no matter our circumstances, true peace is possible and plentiful, should we choose to receive it.

The lyrics of a song called "Peace" by famed singer/songwriter Michael McDonald say it best:

I have come from so far away
Down the road of my own mistakes
In the hope you could hear me pray
Oh Lord, keep me in your reach


How I've longed through these wasted years
To outrun all the pain and fear
Turned to stone by my uncried tears
And now it's your grace I seek


Love won't compromise
It's a gift, it's a sacrifice
My soul renewed, my heart released
In you I'll find my peace


Oh wondrous child of whom the angels sing
Knows my joy, feels my suffering
Shining star, make this love you bring
So bright that I may believe


That my way will not be lost
From now on 'til that river's crossed
My soul renewed and my spirit free
In you I'll find my peace


May we all find true peace this holiday season and beyond. Merry Christmas.