Skiing & Snowboarding at Ober Mountain

When one thinks of Gatlinburg, TN, the first image might be that of a serene town nestled in the Great Smoky Mountains, with lush green landscapes and breathtaking autumn foliage. However Gatlinburg transforms into a snowy paradise in the winter, and Ober Gatlinburg emerges as the crown jewel for winter sports enthusiasts. And Mountain Laurel Chalets has a wide variety of Gatlinburg cabin rentals that are on and/or close to Ober Mountain!

Ober Gatlinburg is Tennessee's only ski and snowboard resort, offering visitors an exhilarating winter experience. Located just a few miles from downtown Gatlinburg, this ski resort provides an array of winter activities, with skiing and snowboarding being the primary attractions. The slopes at Ober Mountain are typically open from mid-December to early or mid-March.


Whether you're a beginner setting foot on the slopes for the first time or an expert looking for challenging terrains, Ober Gatlinburg has got you covered. The resort offers multiple gentle slopes, ideal for newcomers. Plus, with professional ski instructors offering lessons, beginners can confidently start their skiing journey. For those with more experience under their belts, Ober Gatlinburg's more advanced trails offer the perfect balance of thrill and challenge.


Don't own ski or snowboarding gear? No worries! Ober Gatlinburg has an extensive rental facility stocked with skis, snowboards, helmets, and other essential equipment, ensuring visitors are well-equipped for their snowy adventure.


Mother Nature can sometimes be unpredictable, but the fun at Ober Gatlinburg doesn't rely solely on natural snowfall. The resort is equipped with advanced snowmaking machines that ensure the slopes remain snow-covered and ready for action throughout the winter season.


Beyond skiing and snowboarding, Ober Gatlinburg offers a plethora of winter activities. The snow tubing park is a favorite among families, while the indoor ice skating arena provides a fun alternative to slope activities. For the little ones, the Cubbies Snow Zone offers a safe play area in the snow.


After a day on the slopes, visitors can unwind at Ober's many eateries and lounges. Whether you're craving a hot cocoa, a hearty meal, or just a place to relax and enjoy the mountain views, Ober Gatlinburg has it all.


The Aerial Tramway, departing from downtown Gatlinburg, provides not only a mode of transportation to the ski area but also stunning panoramic views of the Smoky Mountains. It's an experience in itself! Or if you prefer to drive, Ober Mountain is just 15 minutes outside of town, up Ski Mountain Road. 


Mountain Laurel Chalets manages a variety of Gatlinburg cabin rentals to cater to all group sizes. Choose from cozy cabins, luxury vacation houses, and charming condos. Our condos off Ski Mountain Road offer the closest proximity to Ober Mountain, putting you just a stone's throw away from skiing. But our other Gatlinburg vacation rentals are all conveniently located close to Ober Mountain as well. 

Ober Gatlinburg stands as a testament to the fact that the South can indeed offer a premier snow sports experience. So, the next time winter beckons, and you have the urge to hit the slopes, remember that you don't have to head out West or up North. Grab your gear (or rent some) and experience winter like never before in Gatlinburg!