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19 Mar 2020
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When trying to get your team together for a meeting one of the first things you think about is where to hold it.  It is sometimes very difficult to have them in your own office where you are still readily accessible to other staff members and the normal everyday pressure of your jobs.  A good meeting requires a space where you can all concentrate without interruption.  Depending on the task at hand, it can sometimes be important to have everyone together for an extended period of time as you all brainstorm an idea or plan of action.  It can also be important to allow for some flexibility where a large group can gather, but also have space for small focus groups during your session as well.  We have the solution for you!

We offer some large chalets where you and your staff can gather without phone calls, texts, emails (if you put your cell phones away)!  You would have a captive audience to pursue your agenda, surrounded by modern amenities and all the luxuries of home.

You would also have many places in the area to provide team building exercises, such as Hikes in the National Park or Scavenger Hunts or Escape Rooms are located in Sevier County where your team has to work to together to solve a problem in order to get out of the room.

We offer the following large chalets for your meetings:

Laurel Lodge – 12 bedrooms each with a private bath, game room, 2 living areas

Smoky Mountain Memories – 7 bedrooms – each with a private bath, 3 living areas plus a 14 seat theatre room and more

Trillium Lodge – 5 bedroom, 5 bath, huge living room and a game room

Shenandoah Lodge – 5 bedroom, 5 bath on a private lake

So gather your staff and come to the mountains of Tennessee.  Fresh ideas are easy to come up with when you are surrounded by nature.