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2 Aug 2022
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Every year, four million babies are born in America and nearly 6,000 are born with an extra chromosome that results in Down Syndrome. In 2014, on four consecutive July days, four children were born on the same floor in the same hospital with this condition which effects less than .01% of all babies in America. The chances of this happening are beyond imagination, but what happened as a result is bringing awareness as well as funding to help other families of children with Down Syndrome.

These families didn’t know initially that this occurred, and as a result of a social worker connecting the dots, they became aware of the one another’s story. As soon as the children were able to have a play date, the families began their journey to understand how to best parent and raise these special children. They call themselves the “Kennestone Krew” in honor of the hospital where they were all born.

In talking with Nancy Labbe, she simply reminds us that every person is unique and that we need to learn to love and appreciate differences in all children. Her daughter Emily (born on Day 2) is a curious and extremely friendly 8-year-old who never meets a stranger and brings joy to everyone she meets. You never leave an encounter with Emily without receiving a hug. The Labbe family along with the “Kennestone Krew” has been very involved in raising funds through the Atlanta Buddy Walk, an annual fundraiser championing those with Down Syndrome that raises support for families and research opportunities. They have raised thousands of dollars to support research and advocacy through bake sales, walks, and generous contributions from friends and neighbors.

The Kennestone Krew is our third Hometown Hero Content winner in 2022. Mountain Laurel Chalets is thrilled to donate $1,000 to team Kennestone Krew through the Buddy Walk and encourage our guests to consider how they might also support the efforts of Down Syndrome research.

As a winner of our Hometown Hero Contest, the whole Kennestone Krew will receive a free, three-night stay in one of our limited edition Gatlinburg vacation homes.