Posted on 3/19/2020


Let us introduce you to a wonderful family in our “Family First” program.  Please meet Ray, Judy, Jonathan, Cody and his new bride, Brittany Nicole.  This wonderful family has been frequent guests at Mountain Laurel Chalets for many years.

The Litwiler’s live in middle Tennessee so they have the chance to getaway to their beloved Smokies often and we sure enjoy seeing them each and every time they come.  Ray works at a very stressful job in a management position and Judy manages the home front.  Their sons (who we’ve seen grow up) have busy careers of their own and the youngest, Cody recently married and his lovely bride Brittany Nicole will be a wonderful addition to this fun family.

Ray and Judy and their sons have a routine when they come to Gatlinburg.  They have their favorite shops and restaurants that all feel like home to them since they have come here for so many years.  They make the rounds to visit with all the “Homefolk” and Ray has to tease each of them with his fabulous sense of humor.

Judy does most of the calling to set reservations up, but Ray has been known to surprise her with an unplanned visit or two.  He likes to tease and often claims to want to use Judy as bear bait, but this is far from the truth and we know what a softie he truly is.  He patiently waits for Judy to spend time visiting with the office staff.  Ray and Judy spend a lot of time in the chalet itself just relaxing and life can take on an unhurried pace while they are here.  He comes to the office in the mornings while she is sleeping and grabs a cup of coffee and the newspaper.  She might make an appearance later in the day to exchange their towels or just to catch up with the latest happenings in our area or the see what her friends on the Mountain Laurel Staff have been up to.

Once the “boys” grew up they started coming on their own and this is wonderful to see that the love of the area that was instilled in them from a young age has carried over to the next generation and they have a bond here. There is something for everyone in the Smokies and the Litwiler’s seem to enjoy it all.  As lifetime members of the Great Smoky Mountain Association, they love giving back to the area that has brought them so much pleasure over the years.

Jonathan has a busy job in the retail industry and his schedule does not permit him to come as often as he would like, but he sometimes slips away with his Mom or a friend for a quick trip.  Cody works with a major pest control company and used to come with Mom or his fiance while his Dad was busy working, but now will be visiting with his wife!  Cody is a huge sports fan and loves the outdoors.  Go Predators!

We’ve been with the Litwiler’s through the ups and downs of life.  We learn of their celebrations and sorrows, their home remodel to job changes for the boys.  We treasure truly knowing them not just as customers but as Family.

Here is more information about our Family First program and how you can become a member too!