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20 Nov 2019
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It has been known to snow as early as October and as late as May in Gatlinburg.  Winter months of December, January and February traditionally provide us with some lovely winter landscapes and gorgeous snow capped mountains in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park.  We all love snow in photos and from the deck, but it tends to be a different story when you are coming to visit for the weekend or trying to leave on your last day.

The roads in Gatlimburg are steep and winding and extra precautions need to be taken when it snows.  We ask our guests to drive 4WD vehicles for more safety or to add tire chains in the event of heavy snow or ice.  We do our best to maintain driveways and the city and county works hard to clear the roads but weather can throw a wrench into any vacation plans.

So we suggest being prepared and realizing the risks of booking in winter months.  If you find yourself in snow follow these tips.  And realize that even the TV weatherman was stranded in one of our chalets a few years back during a heavy snow storm.  A warm cozy fire and patience can go a long way.

Pack plenty of food for your stay as well as extra warm clothes in the event that the power goes out in a storm.  Bring flash lights also in the event of a storm.  Run the water every so slowly (ebven a drip) in cold weather to keep pipes from freezing.