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20 Mar 2020
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Lots of planning goes into having the perfect vacation. We plan for our accommodations, activities and even the route we are going to take.  When everything has been planned for and you finally are on your vacation you want to take tons of pictures to capture those activities and special moments.  Granted some pictures are going to be spur of the moment, but there are others that with a little preparation will give you that standout photo that will make you want to print them out!  Here are 10 suggestions for taking great vacation photos.

  1. Outdoor shots are especially beautiful in the early morning and just before sunset.  The light is softer and shadows are not as harsh.  These times of day are known as “The Golden Hours” by many photographers and will enhance your outdoors photos tremendously.
  2. Use a Tripod – it will provide you with stability and you will have clearer, sharper images.  If you don’t have one – brace your elbows against your body or use a railing or other object to prevent shaking which causes blur.
  3. Take multiple shots, one will be slightly better than the others
  4. Use the Rule of Thirds – Basically using a grid pattern to space the elements in your image. You want to have something in the foreground, middle and background for more visual interest.
  5. Have a subject! – don’t just shoot with knowing what you are trying to capture.
  6. Watch out for distracting items in your frame, for example: someone’s hand in an unusual spot, a drink can or bottle in the background, something directly behind one of your subject’s head that makes it look like they are wearing a very strange hat!
  7. Charge your batteries and have an extra memory card with you.
  8. Don’t center your photo subject – having your main object being off to the left or right is more visually appealing.
  9. Use elements with Lines to draw your viewer into a photo or highlight a particular element. For example: a Curvy road that your eye will follow or a walkway that leads you to your subject.
  10. Experiment! There are no hard and fast rules to Photography – all of the above will serve as guidelines to capturing the “Perfect” image.

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