Posted on 3/19/2020


Mountain Laurel Chalets opened its doors in 1972 and has served the Gatlinburg community with honor, honesty, and excellence since its inception.  We have a proven track record of success.  More importantly, we treat you like you are more than a financial transaction; we serve you, we care about you and we work for you like you are family.  The personal touch is evident in everything we do.

The 6 reasons we might be the best choice for your property management needs:

  1. We have over 45 years of experience in Gatlinburg. That is a long time.  This market is flooded with over 200 rental companies.  We were one of the first.  We have stood the test of time and will continue to serve our guests and owners with a rich understanding of the market and the Gatlinburg community.
  2. We will steward and market your home with care, concern and integrity. We treat your home as though it was our own. That means we don’t pack a 2-bedroom cabin with 12 people just to make a booking.  We are not motivated by getting a reservation at any cost.  Many companies will offer lower commissions but upcharge on service, reservation and cleaning fees of which the business keeps 100%.  We manage and rent your property to create memories and revenue, not parties and the damages that come along with tourists renting at low ball prices.
  3. We have very high visibility on Google searches, social media and in person.  Investing in marketing and our website without charging extra marketing fees, we do not ask our owners to donate any nights’ worth of revenue to fund our marketing budget.  Our prominent office is seen by every car that goes up Ski Mountain Road and we’ve been here for 45 years.  People know who we are.  We have over 40% repeat business as guest continue to book with us based on years of satisfied stays.  Focusing on our distinct brand and unique position in the Gatlinburg market, we add content and improvements to our website weekly.  Our loyal social media following was created over time and not by buying likes or followers.
  4. We are a family owned business. There are a few left in the area. Large out of state corporate holdings run many other management companies.  When the fires occurred, some large management companies transferred future reservations to their properties in Florida.  Your cabin on those corporately owned programs will be one of hundreds if not thousands.  We are small.  We are personal.  You will have a relationship with our leadership, ownership and management.  We even host an annual owners meeting every April with a dinner, business meeting, and awards.  We are open and transparent. When you become an owner, you become a part of that family.
  5. We want to maximize your investment. You need to make money on your investment, and we take that seriously.  Instead of offering steep discounts, we market your home at a competitive price and adjust those prices according to market demands.  This past year we increased revenue 20% across the board for our owners as well as occupancy in peak seasons.  Our financial records are completely transparent, and we do not cheat you of hard earned money.  We pride ourselves in paying you quickly, and for the last 48 months, we have sent payments to owners by the 3rdof every month for the previous month’s income.  In fact after the fires on November 28, 2016 we paid our owners on Dec 6th—the latest date in over 5 years.  It’s your money, we want you to feel good about your return on investment.
  6. We are honest, fair and work hard to exceed your expectations. Read our reviews from owners on this blog. They are our best critics.  Ask around, Mountain Laurel Chalets is what we consider the best option for property management in Gatlinburg.  We are not for everyone.  We say no to some investors that compromise on the Golden Rule and will do anything to get a return.

    Here are some things our owners have to say:

“The care and concern that they give our home is above and beyond expectations. There are numerous rental companies in the area who will make grand promises and predictions as to the expectations you can have by placing a home on their program. However, if you are looking for a place where everyone is treated like family and the emphasis is placed on what is in the best interest of both Owners and Guests, then look no further than Mountain Laurel Chalets.” Wayne and Pam Kidd – Amazing Grace

“We have high expectations for our home and the experience we want our vacationers to enjoy. The staff at Mountain Laurel Chalets shares those same high expectations. As homeowners, we have always been treated with respect. We have always been able to pick up the phone and discuss any thoughts or concerns. Our home is consistently well maintained and clean when we visit.” Bob and Ellen Merritt – The Highlander

“Our family has been blown away by the respect, love and concern that the owners and employees of Mountain Laurel Chalets have extended to us and to our entire family. In the relationship that we have built up with them since the beginning when we handed “Serenity Retreat” to them, they have earned our total trust and respect in the warm, kind and honest way that they have handled any interaction with us.” – Pe and Nita Tin – Serenity Retreat

So as you read this if you feel that Mountain Laurel Chalets is a good fit for your values and investment, we are happy to discuss our program with you.  Please call or email at any time and we will be happy to begin the process to welcome you to the family.


Tom Goodwin –CEO