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 A Foundation of Integrity.

Welcome, and thank you for taking time to learn more about what sets Mountain Laurel Chalets apart as a Gatlinburg vacation rental management company. We have served homeowners in the Great Smoky Mountains region of Tennessee for over 50 years. As the preferred family-owned and operated vacation rental management company in the area, we pride ourselves on the level of care we provide to our owners. Our second generation owners, Tom and Susan Goodwin, and the MLC team seek to run the business with integrity and transparency, always aiming to provide owners with the best service possible.

Everything we do at Mountain Laurel Chalets is directly influenced by our three core values:

1) We believe family matters.

2) We believe we have a responsibility to consistently exceed the expectations of our owners and guests.

3) We believe in the important concept of generous stewardship. You'll find our operational objectives to be in line with those three concepts.

A Story Worth Telling

Every good story has a hero. In the case of Mountain Laurel Chalets, ours has two. Ralph and Dot Egli weren't your run of the mill heroes. Ralph never wore a cape, and Dot certainly couldn't fly or travel to another dimension of time and space. The Eglis were simple folks with a simple mission: to love people and care for them well. Without their legacy we wouldn't be here and thriving today in the vacation rental space. We'd love to invite you to take three minutes to watch the full Mountain Laurel Chalets story via the video below.

Watch the Mountain Laurel Chalets story

A Purposeful Approach to Vacation Rental Management

We take a slow and methodical approach to partnering with potential new homeowners, and we'd venture to guess you take the same approach when selecting a property manager. It only makes sense!

It takes two to tango, proverbially speaking, and we want to ensure that ours will be a good partnership for both sides. To start, we desire to equip you with information about who we are and how we operate so you are able to clearly understand what Mountain Laurel Chalets brings to the vacation rental management table. We've provided some short videos and some more in depth materials on our owner site, Many of your questions will be answered by the time you've examined it all.

Once you've gotten to know us a bit, we'd love to connect with you personally to find out more about you and your goals for your property, and to discover how we might be able to serve you and care for your investment. You can fill out the contact form on our owner site, or simply email, and we'll be in touch. You can also give us a call anytime by dialing (865) 412-0316.