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Gatlinburg Property Management for Peace of Mind

Local service from a partner who knows you and your home

Booking optimized for profitability 

Transparent pricing with no surprises

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Is your rental home a frustration or a pleasure?

  • Do you often wait weeks for your payments to arrive?
  • Have you lost bookings due to damage and unresolved maintenance issues?
  • Are low-quality renters damaging your home and eating away your profits? 
  • Is your management company nickel and diming you with excessive fees? 
  • Is overbooking your house for the sake of high occupancy actually costing you money in repairs?
  • Are you exhausted by trying to find trusted contractors to handle repairs and improvements at your home?
  • Is your management company using excessive discounts just to increase your occupancy?
  • Have you ever considered that lower occupancy at premium rates will bring you more money than discounted pricing?
  • Does your management company provide bed bug protection at no added cost?

We understand that rental property ownership can feel overwhelming. You might question whether or not you are maximizing your profits. Maybe you, like many investment property homeowners, are frustrated by dealing with maintenance issues from afar. At Mountain Laurel Chalets, we use 50 years of experience in Gatlinburg to lift those burdens off your shoulders. Imagine the peace of mind that comes in knowing that everything is taken care of by a local team you know, respect, and trust.

Our homeowners are thrilled with their Mountain Laurel Chalets limited edition experience

Our office has been on Ski Mountain Road for 50 years.

This means we have a network of excellent local tradespeople and vendors who will provide speedy and experienced service that will keep your home in tip-top condition.  Our 24/7 maintenance staff is here to serve you and your home(s), and we address all work orders personally.  We even provide bedbug inspection and prevention at no cost to you.  We will take care of you and your home, offering you peace of mind as we handle any repair, upkeep or renovation project without you ever having to lift a finger. The best news? We will treat your fairly and won't charge you an arm and leg to get it done. Large scale management companies simply cannot provide the limited-edition experience you need and desire as a homeowner.

We are a friendly local management team who knows you and your home.

As a local family-owned business, we treat our homeowners like part of the family, and we care for their homes like we would one of our own. We believe that when a community of seasoned employees and caring homeowners partner together, everyone involved experiences success. We host an annual homeowners meeting/dinner where we share updates and best practices to increase the value and rentability of your home. You have 24/7 access to our local, on-the-ground team who knows your home and preferences and seeks to serve you well.

We offer consistent and trusted financial results.

Disillusioned by management companies that offer low commission rates and an ever-growing list of extra fees and expenses? You deserve a team of honest, hardworking people who will handle your most valuable investment asset, not an impersonal management team that promises you low commission but overcharges on the small tasks. Our financial statements leave nothing hidden or unexpected, and we are above board at all times financially. We believe you deserve to be paid as soon as we are paid; it's your home afterall! That's why you'll receive your monthly check NO LATER than two days after the month's end. Even after the 2016 wildfires and the 2020 Covid pandemic, we paid our owners and distributed statements two days after the month closed. We are true to our word and take your financial investment seriously.