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19 Mar 2020
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Weather in Gatlinburg can change rapidly due to systems that move through the mountains.  What holds true for downtown locations is not always the case on the mountainside.  The higher you go, the more likely you are to experience winter weather early.  Gatlinburg has fairly mild weather for each season, but not some of the extremes that other mountain regions experience.  During most of the year, no special preparation is needed to be able to access your chalet rental.  In the winter months, you need to be prepared for the worst case scenario by having either 4 wheel drive vehicle or tire chains.  Chains are rarely needed, but can be helpful as often times the roads are treated and plowed, but driveways are not cleared.  It is always a good idea to bring clothes to layer with even in the summer months, a sweater or light jacket can feel good especially if you are visiting inside the National Park.  Keep in mind also that this area is a true rain forest – so rainfall during normal years averages about 4.5 inches per month with October being the driest month and May being the wettest.  Average annual snowfall amount is only around 9 inches.

The following information is what you can expect for average low/highs and monthly rainfall throughout the year:

Month   Low/high       Rainfall

Jan         34/45           4.57

Feb        38/50           4.49

Mar        47/60           4.72

Apr        55/69           4.21

May       64/77           5.87

June      71/84           5.51

July       75/86           5.83

Aug       74/86           4.57

Sep       68/80           4.33

Oct       56/69            2.87

Nov      46/59            4.13

Dec      38/49            4.33

While these are averages only – there are times that we have many days in the 90’s in the summer and many days in the winter with 20’s or the teens.

No matter what season you travel to the Smoky Mountain and what the weather in Gatlinburg will be, you are sure to find stunning beauty!  So come, rent a chalet in the mountains and see why Gatlinburg is a place for all seasons.