Posted on 3/21/2020


Hillbilly Golf.

What a strange combination… 

…a strange combination that’s a whole lot of fun!

With so many mini-golf options available in the area, it can be hard to chose which one to try. But those who are looking for a truly unique way to “putt-putt” some balls, Hillbilly Golf is the way to go.

First off, the course begins at the top of a mountain where golfers are shuttled in a small tram, 300 feet up. That’s where the journey begins. The courses are filled with challenging mountaineer-themed obstacles and twangy banjo music in the background. From outhouses to stills, rock walls and native plants, you’d think you just entered a hillbilly’s paradise.

Once visitors get to the top, they’re faced with one of the hardest decisions of the day which is choosing what course to play. Golfers have the option of two different courses. Both offer 18 holes which are just as equally challenging and fun so there is really no wrong decision.

Honestly, the hardest part of Hillbilly Golf is keeping the balls within the designated course. It’s easy to accidently hit a ball too hard and have it escape through the barrier. It’s not uncommon for balls to be hit off-course, roll down the slope and never to be found again. It’s recommended to take up a few extra balls in case that were to happen.

Hillbilly Golf is located right on the parkway of scenic downtown Gatlinburg where an on-site parking lot is available for mini golfers.

When it comes to putt-putt, Hillbillies really know how to play. This attraction is truly unique and an exciting opportunity for a little friendly competition between family and friends.

Maybe the loser can buy a dozen donuts from the Donut Friar? Just a suggestion.