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20 Mar 2020
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Featured Chalets

Mountain Laurel Chalets definitely has many interesting styles of cabins. Some are round. Some are A-Frames. Some are small. Some are large. One of the more interesting cabins that we have is the Lucky D III.

Even at first glance, visitors can see that it isn’t like many of the other cabins. It has the unique quality of having a “butterfly roof.” This style of roof slopes upward from the center, looking like a butterfly’s wings about to be swung down.

There are many different reasons for this decisions. Practically, it eliminates the need for many gutters, as all the water flows off the sides from the center. From an aesthetic standpoint, it is incredibly unique, as it contradicts what most would find standard for a house. The architectural style of the chalet is called “Mid-century Modern.”

Popular in the middle of the twentieth century, this architectural style is well known for its usage of angles, glass facades, and open-concept interiors. The Lucky D III has all of this, and it helps to make the views of the mountain much more accessible.

By making the windows larger, it really helps to bring the outside in and enable renters to see the fully beauty of the mountains. The design doesn’t just stop there. The interior is decorated with a similar design aesthetic, giving the house a retro, yet modern feel.

Unique airplane wing ceiling fans, and a glass dining table unify the design, and multi-colored chairs and a unique owl painting add contrast to the space. A Metal and wood coffee table keeps the same feel going into the living room where you can relax on the leather couches. Even the basketweave wood flooring keep this chalet looking unique.

Inside and out, the Lucky D III is a phenomenal work of design and there is no better place to mix the style and the view than in a rental property just ready for a family looking for a unique place to stay in Gatlinburg.