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19 Oct 2022
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Allow me to tell you about Mike. We originally knew him as Mr. Jones, but over the years he’s simply become “Mike.” A Nashville native with a career in finance by day, Mike’s true passion is photography, and he takes every opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and unwind in the beauty and majesty of the Great Smoky Mountains. You’ll catch him out and about in the Gatlinburg area multiple times each year, usually with his photography equipment in hand, and you’ll always find him staying at a Mountain Laurel Chalets property. Mike has already enjoyed five stays with us in 2022, and he plans to visit at least two more times before the end of the year. Since our current system began keeping track in 2016, Mike has stayed with us more than 25 times!

Mike is a member of Family First, Mountain Laurel Chalets’s free membership program offered to loyal customers who have visited with us more than five times. Yes, Mike receives benefits like a lower rental deposit rate and a Family First gift every time he visits, but according to him he’s not really in it for the perks. Instead, Mike chooses to stay with us time and again because, in his words, we “treat him like family.” In a fast-paced world where we all desire to make meaningful connections with others, Mike has found that he’s welcome, known, and connected here at Mountain Laurel Chalets. When he arrives to check in he’s greeted by name. When he calls our office and Pam answers, he knows he doesn’t even have to announce himself because she recognizes his voice. That’s something truly special, especially in the often unfamiliar world of vacation rentals. Simply put, Mike feels at home at Mountain Laurel Chalets, and in turn we feel like he’s part of our forever family.


There are many “Mikes” here at MLC, and we are grateful for each and every one of our loyal guests. So many of you choose to vacation with us regularly, some for many decades, and we are thankful for your commitment to us. We love to know you and be known by you, and the richness of our relationships with you gives great meaning to the work we do day in and day out. We love to see your families grow and your children blossom. We love to see your children’s children come experience Gatlinburg with you as you weave together memories that span multiple generations. We love walking through life alongside you, and we are committed to celebrating with you in seasons of joy and mourning with you in moments of loss.


At Mountain Laurel Chalets, our core values determine our direction. The first of our three core values is “Family Matters.” YOU are our family, and YOU matter to us. We are committed to inviting you in and knowing you, whether it’s your first stay or you’ve been with us so many times you’ve lost count. If you're newer to the MLC, we hope you choose to stay with us on repeat and ultimately become a part of our Family First program. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to call you family; we are blessed beyond measure.

-Tom Goodwin and the Mountain Laurel Chalets team