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19 Mar 2020
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Have you ever met someone who right away you felt an instant connection with?  A person that felt like a family member?  Well, here at Mountain Laurel Chalets we have and these two folks names are Peter and Lucy Noyes.  This wonderful couple have been loyal customers of Mountain Laurel Chalets for quite a number of years.  They generally make a couple trips to enjoy the area and make use of Peter’s fantastic camera skills and then they always get together with their whole family for a reunion every year as well.

Peter loves to talk and you will often find him in the office conversing with the staff while Lucy patiently waits for him to move on with their plans for the day.  Peter has so many interests he is easy to talk to and is sure to have a story that will to keep you occupied.  His interest in wildlife and nature in general has led to his hobby of photography.  Over the years he has shared many beautiful photographs with our staff and we thought you might like to see just a sample of his work.  All the photos above belong to Peter and show his passion for our area.

Peter is also very civic minded and leads numerous children’s group on outdoor adventures so that our youth can learn from his experience and maybe, just maybe they will learn to care about the environment and preservation as he does.  He is also quite a patriotic fellow.

Lucy although the quieter member of this family – she is by no means shy!  She and Peter both have a delightful wit and Lucy is an amateur thespian, having recently performed as the lead character in ” Driving Miss Daisy”!

If Peter likes you – you will receive a nickname (mine is” Squirrely”) and you will forevermore be subjected to merciless teasing – such as the time I ran across this pair in my local grocery store checkout lane and he booms for all the world to hear – ” So they let you out of jail early! ”  Needless to say heads turned and I was mortified, but when people realized it was just him teasing I felt like I could show my face in the neighborhood market again.  LOL.  It is a rare treat to have customers who can treat you like family and vice versa, but Peter and Lucy Noyes are Family First indeed!

Come be a part of something wonderful – The Mountain Laurel Chalets Family is waiting for you!

P.S. Beginning on your 6th stay with us you are automatically enrolled in the Family First program.